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  • What's the shipping price of FOB and CIF? How many kinds of containers available to be chosen? What're the capacity of different containers with different standards of bucket? What's the packaging form

    A: We provide FOB price most time. We have sizes of 20GP, 40GP, 40HQ, and 45HQ for container.
        We use carton to pack our products for now, but please provide us any other better and efficient ways if you have.
        Please try to contact our Overseas Department for more specific quotation, container capacity, any other extra fee, and so forth.

    What's the quotation differences between the top with filling mouth and with no filling mouth?

    A: The price will increase 0.15USD with one more filling mouth every time.

    How long would the color of the label stay with direct sunlight?

    A: Three months in the sun; Two years under indoor light.
        But it's influenced by the durability of different colors, yellow and red, for instance, are much quick to fade.

    Are buckets for 4L, 10L, 16L available to be produced?

    A: We're planning to have 10L mold, but 4L and 16L are still not available.
        We could order you the mold with exact pattern with your payment and keep it for you after the production, or you could take it with you.
        Please contact our Overseas Department for mold quotation.

    Does the bucket could be fully-vacuumized after filling?

    A: No. Once vaccumized, the bucket would be deformed by the pressure differences.

    What's the inspection standard of all the test data for buckets? Do the buckets have professional qualifications, such as food or special solvent?

    A: All our products had been checked by National Testing Center and follow all the national standards.
        Please contact Overseas Department for any certificates or qualifications of food or special solvent.
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